What goes in…..matters!

We don’t normally watch a lot of regular TV. We’re more of a Netflix family. So our kids don’t see commercials very often. The first time they did they complained and asked if we could fast forward through them. But today I had the TV on for just a few minutes before Nick stared telling me that we needed to “call in for the free gift.” First I thought it was funny. Then 2 minutes later he told me that a specific item cost $4.29. Really? Wow was he listening close! It was a real reminder that kids are so influenced by media! Some of it is not bad but I’m reminded of how important it is to not only guard them from the junk but to also be consistent with what’s going IN! I started playing some fun kids worship music a few weeks ago during random down time and it blows my mind how they can sing through so many of the songs already. As a parent it’s my choice. I don’t always know how to navigate every situation in life, but I’m thankful that I can be a part of planting God’s word deep into their hearts. It’s a privilege I never want to take for granted!