A Month of “MAY I’s”



Today is MAY 1st!!  As I lay in bed last night not being able to fall asleep I started to think about the next month of our lives.  The idea of a month of “MAY I’s” popped into mind.  Over the next 31 days I have decided to make declarations that I believe will encourage me and I hope others as well.   In some ways they may also be prayers.  For today, I declare my desire to always live life on purpose!

Do you?  Do you live with full intentions or just let life happen to you?  I know I’ve done both.  Or rather I DO both!  And in some areas I definitely live more on purpose than in other areas.  For instance parenting.  Am I perfect?  Absolutely not, but I have made it a priority to read, ask questions, and take classes.  I ask other parents whom I trust and respect what they would do in different situations.  I read through different books that I think could help me on this parenting journey.  I don’t have this whole parenting thing down, but I refuse to just let life happen when it comes to my kids.  Same with my marriage.  I love my husband too much to just expect things to always go well with little to no effort on my part.  I did that for years and the results were detrimental. I have to be a good wife…..ON PURPOSE.  In other areas of my life I’m not so purpose driven.  And in those areas, I struggle.   It’s hard work.  I have to put time and energy towards the things I do on purpose.  I don’t think that it’s about being perfect at something I think it’s about being purposeful.  So as I take inventory of my life, I see areas that are lacking in purposeful living.  May I do something about that……MAY I LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE!

How about you?  Do you live life on purpose? When you don’t, what are the results?  When you do, what are the results?


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