Let’s Talk!

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It was an honor to share our story at City Life Philly!  It was a day that we weren’t sure could or would ever happen, but we are so glad it did. You can listen to our redemption story HERE.

For some, our story may come as a surprise.  Eddie and I know that sharing our journey publicly is a risk and our desire is that God will use it to bring healing and hope to everyone who hears. Overcoming the effects of an affair is not an easy process.  It’s messy and uncomfortable.  And that’s why we share it.  God is not afraid of the messy or the uncomfortable.  So why should we be?

It’s no joke to stand before your friends, family, and complete strangers to share your deepest darkest moments. If nothing else, you feel exposed and vulnerable. So often we have been tempted to keep quiet about what our marriage faced.  We’ve been tempted to buy into the lie that exposing our mess would do more harm than good.  But the truth is, we have felt more freedom with every opportunity we have had to share our story.

Instead of finding that our mess would somehow expose us, we’ve found that sharing our story exposes the lies that so many buy into.  The lie that you’re the only one who is struggling with (fill in the blank). The lie that you’re all alone on your journey.  The lie that no one will understand and everyone will judge.  The lie that keeping your struggles in the dark is better than bringing them to the light.  The lie that hope and healing are impossible.

It’s easy to buy into these lies.  When it feels like no one is talking about the messy subjects and everyone else seems to be doing so great, you don’t want to be THAT person who brings up the taboo topic.  More and more I feel compelled – perhaps called – to start or at the very least be a part of the difficult conversations.  The struggle is real.  But so is the answer.

The freedom that Christ brings is more real than anything I have ever experienced.  Your sin, hurt, anger, singleness, infertility, whatever it is, is not too big for Jesus!  Don’t hear me wrong, it was not “easy” to face the mess in our marriage, but it was absolutely worth it.

What’s your mess?  What conversation do you need to start or be a part of?  I’m praying for every person who reads this.  May you find the strength to face the challenges and messy situations in life.

Let’s talk.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk!

  1. My mess…my son has been diagnosed with odd and ocd. Both cause severe behavior issues and anger issues. It breaks my heart. I pray so hard for him but every day hurts. Please say a prayer for my Joshua.

    1. Brenda I’m so sorry for your struggle! Praying for your son and for you as you navigate the challenges. Praying Psalm 32:8 for you today – “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.” May God give you wisdom each step of the way. His eye is on you and your son.

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